We Take care of your waste

Scrool Consultants is a full line disposal company (Toxic/ battery waste)etc. For over 6 years, Scrool Consultants has worked with industries,
disposing toxic waste products, programs and procedures designed to
protect the quality of our customers products through the implementation
of responsible and comprehensive disposal and sanitation programs.

Our sanitation teams work pro-actively within the industries they
service. They are experienced,with understanding of our customers processes and needs, and quickly provide solutions to their disposal issues. We are knowledgeable in the regulatory areas that impact our customers and ensure strict confidentiality.

High costs do not insure a successful disposal program - people and
quality services do. To be successful, a company must be able to contain
costs while maximizing quality and customer service. Contemporary
solutions, and procedures, as well as highly competitive prices provide
bottom line disposal costs that help our customers hone their competitive


Our mission is to efficiently and effectively provide our customers complete satisfaction through quality services, and support.

There are proposals for updating the containment of spent nuclear fuel
casks,toxic waste etc, throughout the globe, including the massive
construction of an international nuclear waste repository in numerous proposed sites around the globe.

Not only vital to the current environmental status of our world, these repositories and cask containment sites dictate the fate of genertaions to come and present.
Where they are located, what regulations are imposed, why so many people
are still so unaware, and what does this mean to the future of our
environment are all questions that we address in the services that we
provide and our vision is to be the best choice in our industry.